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Indian Baby Names

Boy names starting with Y

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YaalchelvanPride of yaalpaanam
YaalmaniGem of yaalpaanam
YaalvendanRuler of yaalpaanam
YadavaprakasaLord Krishna
YadavLord Krishna, descedent of Yadu
YadavendraLord Krishna
YadavesvaraLord Krishna
YadaspatiLord Varuna, Lord of marine animals
YaduAn ancient King
YadukumaraLord Krishna
YadumaniJewel of the Yadus
YadunandanLord Krishna
YadunathLord Krishna
YadurajLord Krishna
YaduvirLord Krishna
YogisaLord of Yogis, Lord Krishna
YagnaCeremonial rites to God
YahyaaProphet\'s name
YajatLord Shiva
YajnaWorship, an incarnation of Vishnu,Worship
YajnadharLord Vishnu
YajnarupLord Krishna
YajneshLord Vishnu
YogendraGod of Yoga
YamajithAnother name for Shiva
YashVictory, glory
YashodharaOne who has achieved fame
YashodhanRich in fame
YashwantOne who has achieved glory
YashpalProtector of fame
YatirajaKing of ascetics
YatinGod of Yoga
YatindraLord Indra
YatisaLord of ascetics
YayinLord Shiva
YoganandDelighted with meditation
YoonusProphets name
YoosufProphets name
YudhajitVictor in war
YugmaTwins, zodiac sign of Gemini
YuktaAttentive, skillful
YuvarajPrince, heir apparent
YudhisthirFirm in battle
YuyutsuEager to fight

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Indian Baby Names and their meanings - Boy names starting with Y.
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